Key Note Speaker Vibeke “Math Master” Fængsrud

Founder and owner of House of Math, Vibeke Gwendoline Fængsrud, knows what it is like to be bad at math. She failed math in high school! Vibeke has traveled the rocky path of not knowing what a fraction is at the beginning of college to getting A’s at university level math subjects. What happened and how is that possible? Vibeke presents varied lectures, full of energy, excitement, enthusiasm, smiles and thundering speeches. These are some of the lectures:

    Mathematics and motivation
  • How to master mathematics in 6 simple steps
  • How to motivate pupils to wish to learn math
  • Only losers give up - How to raise from failure to success
    Entrepreneurship and Learning Management
  • From math loser to math master
  • Learning management - to succeed in adversity

If you would like a tailor-made lecture for your special occasion, feel free to share your ideas; Vibeke likes a challenge. For inquiries, send an e-mail to support@houseofmath.com.


We got a lot of feedback from the students and they were very good. We hope you can come back next school year as well.

Dag Berg Svendsen

Manager of science, Greåker High School,

Vibeke Gwendoline Fængsrud
Vibeke Gwendoline Fængsrud
Founding CEO
Lecturer in Mathematics and Physics - University of Oslo, Bachelor in International Business and Leadership - BI Norwegian Business School, Corporate Director Certificate - Harvard Business School, Stanford Executive Program - Stanford Graduate School of Business

Very enthusiastic in all endeavours in life, goal oriented and hard working.

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