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Privacy Policy

1. About the Privacy Policy

This document is a privacy policy. A privacy policy tells you which personal data we (House of Math AS) collect about you when you use our services available on and why we do it. Personal data is any type of information that can identify who you are as a person. We are concerned with taking good care of this data, and we will only use it in accordance with current rules and regulations.

2. Who Are We?

House of Math AS is us who provide the services you use at According to the privacy laws we are, represented by our CEO, a data controller. This means that we are responsible for ensuring that your personal data are only used in accordance with current rules and regulations. The contact information for House of Math AS is:

  • Norwegian organization number: 926 061 437
  • Address: Bygdøy allé 23, 0262 Oslo, Norway
  • E-mail:

If you have any questions about how we use your personal data, please contact us by e-mail.

3. What Data Do We Have About You and Why Do We Need It?

3.1 Grant You Access to Our Services

Everyone who wish to use our services must have a user account When you register a user, you are asked to prove some information about yourself. This information includes:

  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Birth year
  • Country of residence

If you choose to register a user or log in via your Facebook account, we will receive your contact information, such as name and e-mail, directly from Facebook. Any other information you fill out yourself in your user account. The information you are asked to provide in the registration process is necessary to give you access to our portal where our services are available. We use the data to create a personal account for you, so that we can identify you when you log into our services, and to administrate the customer relation. We will also be able to use your e-mail address to send you administrative information of importance to the service and our customer relationship with you. We need to know which year you are born in and in which country you reside in order to provide exercises relevant to you. Our basis in the law is our agreement with you. Our agreement with you are our Terms and Conditions agreed to as part of the creation of a personal account at

3.2 Grant You Access to Paid Services

If you use a paid service, we will collect and store payment data, such as payment card number, name of payment card owner, bank account number and other information necessary to process the payment. Our payment system is provided by Stripe, Inc. and some of your card details will therefore be transferred to them in order to process the payment. Our legal grounds for processing data are our agreement with you.

3.3 Provide You with Better Quality of Our Services

In connection with the creation of a personal user account, you will be asked to supply the account with additional information, hereunder which category you belong to (pupil, student, teacher, etc.), your perceived math level, number of years in school, which grade level you want to focus on, as well as nickname. This data is voluntary to provide, and it is collected to give you as a user a better experience and usability of our products and services. We will also store information about your use of the service, so that you get an overview of your achievements in your profile. Our legal grounds are our interest in providing products and services that fit all your users, regardless of age and knowledge.

3.4 Help You with What You Are Wondering About

If you choose to communicate to for instance a math teacher via our chat, the data you provide in that conversation will be collected by us. This way, we can help you with what you need help with. Our legal grounds are our interest in helping you with the questions you have.

3.5 Send You Information, News and Offers

If you are old enough to legally receive this, we will use your e-mail address to send you relevant news and offers. If you choose to partake in questionnaires, we will use the answers to improve and develop products and services. You can decide not to receive such marketing and information when you create a personal user account, in a specific marketing inquiry or directly in your user settings. You find your user settings by clicking on settings in the menu on top of the web page, on mobile devices it is located at the bottom of the screen, and under personal information you find a checkbox. Uncheck the box to opt out of news and offers from Our legal grounds are our interest in marketing, improve and develop products and services in the best interests of the customer.

3.6 Administrate Our Pages in Social Media

House of Math has registered user accounts in the following social media:

For our pages on social media, we may share data control with the provider of the social medium (limited by the data we have control over and access to). For the social medium's use of personal data, we encourage you to read their privacy policy. Links to these are inserted above. We process data about your activities on our side, such as visits, publication of content (for instance text, images and videos) and reactions to our or others' content (for instance likes and comments) to administrate the page. Our legal grounds for our use of data for this purpose is our legitimate interest in making our content available on social media and to communicate with you. We also process aggregated data about visits and activities on our pages on social media for statistical and analytical purposes. This is not personal data for us, because we cannot connect it to individuals. We do not store this data ourselves, but we have access to them as long as we maintain our page on the social medium. You can at any point delete data about yourself, for example by deleting content or reactions you have published. Note that your data is not deleted by simply unfollowing our page.

3.7 Measure Traffic on Our Web Page to Optimize Our Services

We use cookies on our web pages. Cookies are primarily used to measure traffic on our web page, so that we can optimize our services. Read more about our use of cookies here.

4. To Whom Do We Share This Data?

We will only share your personal data with others if they supply services in operation, maintenance, technical solutions or other necessary services for us. To ensure your rights, we have entered into an agreement with them that shall protect your privacy. This means, for example, that your personal data shall not be used for anything other than what is stated in this privacy policy. We will also not hand over your personal data to others unless it is in accordance with current rules and regulations. For example, it may be that you have given us permission to such sharing, or that we must hand over information in order to supply you with the services. Some of our suppliers may be in countries outside of the EU/EEA. That means that personal data can be transferred to a country with laws that do not give the same level of protection of personal data as the laws of Norway. To ensure your privacy, such a transfer will only occur in accordance with the current privacy regulations, for example by us entering into EU's standard agreement (EU Model Clauses) with the supplier. If you choose to create an account or log in via your Facebook account, we will share information about your use of our webpage with Facebook. Facebook's use of this personal data is regulated by Facebook's terms and conditions with are available here. This entails transferal of personal data to the US based on EU's standard agreement.

5. Deletion of Personal Data

We delete personal data in accordance with the privacy policy for deletion. That means that we delete information about you when we no longer need it to offer you our services, for example if you delete your account. You can in some instances request yourself the deletion of your personal data. For more information, see Item 6 below.

6. Your Rights

Since we are collecting and using information about you, you have several rights. You have the right to:

  • Request us to gather all information we have about you and send you a copy of it. You can also request an explanation from us about how we use your personal data.
  • Request us to correct or supply information about you that is incorrect or does not give the right impression. You can also at any time make changes to the data you have given in your user profile, if there is need for it.
  • Request us to delete data about you in such situations
  • Request us to limit the processing of data about you in some situations.
  • Protest our processing of information about you, if we process information about you based on balancing of interest.
  • Request us to transfer your personal data to you or another data controller, if we process information about you because it is necessary to fulfill an agreement.

You can read more about your rights on the webpages of the European Commission.

You have a right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority if you think we violate the privacy regulations. You can find information about how to contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority on their webpages:

If you have questions about our processing of personal data or wish to exercise one of your rights, contact us by e-mail at

House of Math does not employ automated decisions, hereunder profiling.

7. Changes to This Privacy Policy

If there are changes in our use of your personal data or changes in relevant regulations, this privacy policy will be updated. You will be informed about significant changes. You will always find the latest version on our website.