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How to Use the Portal?

Young thinking student and the math woman with the math game

On House of Math’s math portal, you will find everything you need regarding math, completely free! You can easily create a user, which grants you the possibility of exploring the Portal. Learning while using the Portal is both fun and entertaining. Experience the feeling of accomplishment through interactive tasks, playing with friends, or by asking one of our mentors a question. The Portal is built with the intention of getting the things you need in the right order. You decide! Navigate by using the menu located on the left side of the dashboard.

Get a Full Overview with Bootcamps

Bootcamps are interactive sets of tasks with animations that are set on different difficulty levels. Get to know the basics of math in a fun and effective way. Each Bootcamp contains 3 sections: Why, how, and interactive activities.

An Encyclopedia Customized to Your Needs

The encyclopedia provides you with everything, all in one place. The encyclopedia contains separate categories such as, “numbers and measuring” and “algebra”, which are further divided into multiple subcategories. If you are searching for something specific, use the search bar located at the top of the page. Help is easily found regardless of the topic. Each theme is explained with rule-boxes and followed by examples. The encyclopedia is genius when practicing for tests or exams, but also at other times to get a better understanding of a certain theme.

Math Essentials

Practice makes perfect! Math Essentials are located in the portal and will provide you with everything you need to succeed in math. Math Essentials contain rules, examples, and tasks based on math curriculums followed by task-answers. Start by working through the easiest tasks and proceed further when you feel confident enough to do so. Math Essentials is a great way of getting through the curriculum, in addition to being a super way to practice.

Study Tips and Problem Solving

The curriculum can seem overwhelming at times. How do I consume the whole curriculum? The Portal offers several tips and tricks for exams, studying, and problem-solving. An effective study-technique grants you a higher level of learning and understanding, as well as better memorization of the topic. A mind map is a perfect tool to get a full overview of the curriculum. Read our recipe on how to make a mind map. Problem-solving is helpful when facing a mathematical problem, and here are some strategies to use when you are stuck. The tips are both for preparation, and what to prioritize on the day of the exam.

Interactive Quiz

The majority of us know our level of competence in themes to some extent, but it can be difficult to place yourself on a specific level. The Portal Quizzes will map your level of competence in math.


Do you have a question, or are you stuck with tasks? House of Math offers a free chat where you can chat with a mentor to get answers on theory or a specific question. Book a short 15-minute video chat with a mentor if you need help or guidance. If you seek additional help, you can easily book a private lesson with a teacher.

Chat with Mentor

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