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Private Math Help

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Homework in math can seem challenging at times, both for students, and for parents that try to help. Several parents experience frustration and discussions when encouraging their children to do the homework. A mentor at House of Math could make this part of each week easier.

At House of Math, you can book a qualified mentor and set up a digital meeting. This is a tailored way of mentoring made for effective learning. Our mentors have solid knowledge and a great way of dissemination.

Private lessons in familiar surroundings build a safe learning environment. Private lessons with a mentor are an important contributor to making regular routines on hectic weekdays. Regular routines for homework can contribute to higher motivation. These routines could also lead to the child doing extra work before the next lesson. You can customize your lessons with a few simple steps. We at House of Math will find you a mentor based on your goals and needs. You will choose the day and time of the lesson, in addition to language and the mentor’s personality traits. Lessons will be customized regardless of age, level of grade, and subject.

Chat with Mentor

  • 24/7 live chat with mentor
  • Instant math help
  • K-12 curriculum


Video Chat with Mentor

  • Live video chat with mentor
  • 15 minutes express help
  • Open every day
  • Choose between English or Norwegian speaking mentors

- per session


Personal Mentor

  • Personal follow-up
  • Customized learning plan
  • Tailored coaching
  • Flexible schedule
  • Online or in person

From - per hour