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As the exam or test is approaching, time gets scarce. It’s important for you to spend your time wisely. Ideally, you are comfortable with the entire curriculum at this point. If that is not the case, you need to work smartly and efficiently during the time available to you. Here is a very specific list you can follow if you are not as well prepared as you feel you should be. 

  1. Make a clear overview of what you need to know on the exam. You can find this in the learning goals. Keep these in mind during your preparations and prioritize rehearsing the things that will be tested. 
  2. Make an overview of your curriculum and where you can find the various topics.
  3. Time yourself to find out how long you take to read one page or chapter or to solve one set of problems.
  4. Make a schedule/timetable for your preparations, showing the time to be spent on each activity. Use your results from the previous points to fix a realistic time schedule/timetable.
  5. Begin with the topics you find difficult. Rehearse the stuff you know the best last. 
  6. Take good notes. How to write good notes and other study techniques can be found here.
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