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As a pupil or a student, it is important that you plan the time, resources and methods you use to reach your goals. A good plan is an important tool for working effectively and focused, but it also saves you a lot of time!

Start by creating a full overview of the curriculum. How many pages and exercises must be read and solved each day? Which are your off days? Make an estimate of how much work that needs doing during a term, and distribute this over the weeks you have available.

Then mark your calendar with the answers to the above questions. That way, you will see every day what is needed to reach you goal. Divide the index of your textbook according to the weekly workloads and enter the dates for each subdivision.

It is also wise to identify areas where you waste time daily. There is probably room for improvement! What is your screen time?

It is important that you stick to the plan! Focused and systematic work over time yields great results.

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