Mind Maps

A mind map is a visual representation of your own notes. The method is several hundred years old. It’s easier to remember a good visual representation rather than a long text. In addition, mind maps make it possible to show connections between different subjects.

A mind map may be drawn like a sun, where each topic of the mind map is written inside the sun. Terms, formulas and explanations are written on sunbeams, where a beam splits into smaller beams for subtopics. Mind maps can be used in several different ways. Below are my suggestions.

Mind map over equations

Mind Maps for Working on a New Topic

Before you embark on a new topic, it can be wise to reflect about what you know about it already. Build up your mind map with this new topic in the middle and fill the beams with everything you associate with this topic.

Thematic Mind Maps

A thematic mind map is used to create an overview of a complete topic or a single chapter in a book. The mind map can then be built as you move along through the topic, or as repetition to organise what you have learned.

Overarching Mind Maps

Mind maps are also a great tool for repetition and preparation for a test or an exam. A mind map like that can be thought of as a meta mind map. It focuses on the broad strokes of a whole subject. A meta mind map is also a great at helping you see connections between different topics. Hang it on your wall and look at it every day to help you remember it for the day of the exam.

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