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5 Tips for a Written Math Exam

Young man having a written exam

Written exams can be a stressful situation. Many people find it overwhelming to make everything during the time you get. Here are some tips to help you de-stress and keep your head cool throughout the test!

1. Solve past exams!

The best tip for a written exam is to be thorough with preparation. The better prepared you are for the exam, the more confident you will be. One of the best preparation tips is to solve tasks from previous exams. This will provide you with knowledge about the exam format since the type of tasks rarely change

2. Be prepared and arrive early

Be prepared for the exam! Bring the allowed aid and remember food and drinks. Being prepared will give you an extra kick! Schedule to arrive early to feel more prepared.

3. Be thorough when reading the tasks!

During the exam, it is important to be thorough when reading the tasks. Be extra thorough when going through the tasks and it could be smart to read them twice. By doing this you ensure that you got every aspect of the question asked. It is common to misread, and you are doing yourself a big favor by reading tasks twice.

4. Take breaks – eat and drink!

During the exam, feeling a bit stressed is quite common. Therefore, it is important to eat and drink along the way. Bring tasty, but healthy food! If breaks are allowed, you should use these to get some fresh air. The last minutes could feel exhausting, but with regular breaks, food, and drink, your ability to concentrate will remain high.

5. Check each task when you are finished!

When finished, delivering straight away may be tempting. If there is time left, checking through the tasks is heavily recommended. By doing this you avoid sloppy mistakes and it can be comforting. At House of Math we offer Tutors that can help you prepare for written exams!

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