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From Middle School to High School, What Now?

Group of students at high school doing homework in class

A lot of people find the transition from middle school to high school intimidating. Some look forward to starting, while others are a bit nervous. This article will help you during the transition process, in addition to explaining the difference between middle school and high school.

New Class and New Teachers

You most likely know your teacher after three years of middle school, and perhaps gained some friends as well. A majority find it frightening to leave something safe and familiar for something new and unknown. Even if you already know many of the people starting at the same school as you, chances are that you will get a bunch of new and unknown classmates as well. In addition to getting to your teachers and classmates, you will take new classes. Many are excited about their new classes compared to middle school. Remember that the teachers are there to make the transition as smooth as possible. They are aware of your excitement and will facilitate for you to get to know the school, the subjects, and each other.

Not Just One Class

One of the biggest changes from middle school is having different subjects from some of your classmates at times. In middle school, you mostly attended the same subjects as your class. In high school, especially in sophomore and senior year, this is not the case. Most get to choose electives in sophomore and senior year, hence why you and some of your classmates often have separate classes. Nonetheless, you will still have a few classes with your class, and it is common to have the same homeroom-teacher every year. The electives can seem overwhelming at first, but it is important to remember that these do not begin fully before sophomore year. Junior year of high school is quite similar to middle school. The majority have most subjects with their regular classmates, but there are separate classes for math and foreign languages.

Which Level of Math Should I Choose?

The majority follow the same kind of math-tutoring in middle school. This is not the case in high school. You choose the kind of math you want in the first term. Teachers will provide you with information to help you choose and you will get plenty of time to decide. Do not worry about the difficulty of the math, the teachers are there to help you and they have plenty of experience. Teachers will help you, but House of Math can provide additional help if necessary. House of Math offers tutors that can help you with difficult themes if you are struggling. The tutor will provide personal follow-up, and plenty of our tutors can help you with other hard sciences in addition to math.

This will be of great use at the beginning of a semester, in addition to the time leading up to tests, midterms, and exams. Furthermore, you can utilize our live chat with a tutor or video chat. The video chat allows you to book a live video chat with a tutor who helps you at any time. This could be of great help if you are stuck with homework or need additional help before a test.

The transition from middle school to high school is not as frightening as it seems. Hopefully, this article calmed you down and inspired you to contact us if you need help with hard sciences. Do you have any questions on how to make your school days easier? Do not hesitate to contact us.