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From Pupil to Student

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Back to school! A new school, perhaps a new city, and hopefully your preferred course of study. You will have to adapt to a different type of weekday. You probably spent the last year doing military service, having a relaxing gap year, or attending high school. In any case, here are some tips on how to become a successful student.

Create a Schedule

Structuring your days could have a massive effect on your ability to succeed in an exam. Having routines is crucial to maintaining a healthy work-life balance during stressful weekdays. Start your days early, read the curriculum, and be prepared for lectures. Create a study plan. Whereas high school had structured days, your new weekday will be at your disposal with few lectures. Therefore, having a clear structure for this period could be very helpful. A smart tip is to focus on one subject at a time, primarily the subject that is closest to a lecture. Make time for fun or social activities occasionally, whether this involves training, hanging with friends, or enjoying a relaxing movie night. Maintaining your well-being while focusing on school is important, hence why you should take a break occasionally.

Academic Writing

The first weeks will involve hearing a lot about academic writing. This will become the expected way of writing during handins and exams. Academic writing should be objective, clear and concise. It can be wise to read up on how to produce an academic text of high quality.

Create a Budget

Being a student requires big economical responsibility. After rent, electrical bill, phone bill, and other fixed expenses are paid, you are left with limited funds for the rest of the month. To keep track of your economic situation, we recommend creating a budget. Include approximate spending on different categories such as food, transport, and fun. Finding a part-time job could be smart to obtain additional funds. A part-time job provides an additional source of income which grants you more economic freedom. Note that a part-time job could be challenging while also being time-consuming. Consequently, a majority choose to solely focus on studies.

The transition from pupil to a self-propelled student can seem overwhelming and having control from the start is almost impossible. Adapting to routines and a new lifestyle takes time. In addition, you are supposed to find friends and integrate yourself into a student environment. You will likely encounter problems, challenges, and difficult periods. Nonetheless, the good memories are what you are left with at the end. Take it easy, and the transition will pass with ease. Take a look at our website for additional study tips!

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