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How to Choose Electives?

Young girl uncertain about what elective to choose

While attending high school, most get the opportunity to choose electives. Some schools offer plenty of subjects within separate fields. It may seem hard to orientate in the myriad of possibilities, and far from all have a clear plan on which subjects to choose. This article will provide tips that will hopefully make the choice easier.

What are my interests?

Before choosing an optional subject, ask yourself the question; “what are my interests?” Engagement and motivation appear more frequently while doing something of interest. Therefore, addressing subjects of interest could be a smart move. Think about previous subjects that you have found interesting. If your favorite subjects in junior year of high school were science and math, you will probably thrive with other science classes, such as physics or IT. Electives hand you a wonderful possibility of immersing in subjects of interest.

Additional Points?

As mentioned previously, you should choose electives based on your interests. Even so, there can be other factors to be aware of when making a choice. The subjects you choose will influence your GPA and your possibility of higher education. Some classes, such as advanced placement and international baccalaureate, give you additional points that boost your GPA. Therefore, you should consider this if you intend to attend a course of study with a high GPA, the extra points could be the boost you need to get the required GPA. If you have set your mind on a specific course of study, checking whether this course has any recommended prior knowledge can be smart. In fact, some courses of study require certain subjects to be able to consider your application. Information regarding this is found on the internet, or by asking your school counselor.

The Choice is Yours

Plenty of students are unsure about their future and their field of interest. When this is the case, it enhances the difficulty of choosing, and some end up choosing the same as their friends. Being with friends could give an additional motivation-boost but sometimes, taking a look at your interest will be the best option. Remember that all subjects require effort to achieve results, in addition to the high possibility of being drawn for an exam in an optional subject senior year. Therefore, being motivated and interested in the subjects you choose will be a great advantage. Firstly, you are making a choice of your own. Think about your future, your interests, and the things you find exciting. Grades are not all that matters, but remember that the grades will affect your GPA.

Deciding electives may seem difficult, but hopefully, the tips in this article will be of use. This will not be your last chance, and it is usual to be unsure when choosing electives.

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