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How to Succeed in Precalculus

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Do you think pre-calculus is hard? Are you wondering if  it’s the right choice for you? Pre-calculus contains long chapters that can seem challenging. Do not despair, here are some of House of Math’s best tips and tricks that will help you succeed and stay motivated!


Firstly, an important step is finding out why you want to become good at math. Pre-calculus hands you several possibilities regarding courses of study! Engineering, economics, med-school, and teaching. Regardless of which field of study you may choose, or what job you want, the themes in pre-calculus will be of great use. If you want to become good at math, the motivation will appear eventually. Take a look at House of Math’s study techniques that contribute to increased motivation!


Cramming in math is typical for a lot of students, but math is mostly about comprehension. Precalculus is a type of math that is based on basic methods that build on each other. Algebra and equations, differentiation and integration, the unit circle, and vectors are all themes that can seem hard, but as soon as you master one, the others flow on with ease. Therefore, try to comprehend these fundamentals in mathematics! Ask questions and use designated resources to understand the concepts. Make a habit of chatting with a tutor while working on subjects that you find hard. Tutor-on-demand offers the possibility of help regardless of the theme you are currently working with. Videos and explanations on the internet can be a great tool instead of just reading the book. Get the best help in math there is with a private tutor from House of Math.

Practice Makes Perfect

Math is just like any other subject, the more work you put in, the better results you achieve. The feeling of accomplishment makes almost anything fun. The same applies to math. Work with easier tasks in the beginning and move on to harder tasks after a while. Subsequently, more tasks will be finalized as you reflect on the session. If you are stuck on a topic or an exercise, a short video session with one of our tutors, or asking in our 24/7 free chat can help you move on. Our tutors are here to help you!


We are all different and prefer different learning methods. Some learn best by reading instructions, while others by seeing examples in practice. If you think your math book is huge and complicated, utilize other resources. The internet offers resources for all, regardless of your learning preferences. House of Math offers plenty of resources, and they are systematically organized for you to find those of your liking.

Gather Past Exams

You will reach far with motivation and commitment in math, but it can still be hard to achieve your preferred grade. When studying for midterms or exams, it can be tempting to do as many tasks as possible from the book. This is helpful, but we recommend doing tasks from previous exams. Exams often follow the same format, which usually differ from the exercises in school books, and many tasks are often repeated. Hence why solving tasks from previous exams is a great way of practicing for midterms or exams. Ask your teacher or search online to find past exams.

Filling Learning Gaps

Have you ever felt overwhelmed after a few months of the semester? It happens to the best of us, and it is smart to get an overview of the curriculum and what you are supposed to learn. Take a look at the curriculum and try to complete a few tasks from each theme, preferably exam tasks if you feel confident enough. Work through the curriculum and get an overview of your knowledge gaps and how to fill them. Make it a habit to have House of Math’s 24/7 chat open when working on difficult topics. In other words, there are many great resources and aids only a keystroke away regardless of your location. Repeat exercises to make the technique flow with ease. If you still struggle, scheduling a few private lessons before a big test will be of great use. This builds practice routines that are customized to you and ensure that you get the necessary help. The key to succeed at math is to solve plenty of tasks, and especially the right tasks! Utilize short video chats with tutors to solve tasks at the moment and schedule a private tutor to personalize clear lessons.

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