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How to Use the Portal?

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Dashboard and Base

Welcome to the House of Math platform! The first thing you see when you log into the platform is the Dashboard. The Dashboard can be accessed in the drop-down menu or in the top right corner of your screen. Here you’ll find your Statistics, Learning Quests, Base, and your Collection all in one place.

Your Base will become available after creating an Avatar. Here you’ll find your Avatar and Dragon. This is your place where you can hang out with your Dragon and feed them Kudos to keep them happy.

Your Avatar and Dragon

When you register on the platform, you get to create your very own 3D avatar. You can create yourself or a fantasy character. It’s totally up to you!

When you start your journey, you’re offered three different colored eggs. Choose one of these eggs to hatch and become your Dragon. You must choose which one you want to hatch. To hatch your egg, you have to feed it Kudos. After hatching, remember to name your Dragon and log in often to feed and pet it to keep it happy.

You’ll eventually be able to teach your Dragon tricks! But your dragon won’t want to train for the tricks if it’s unhappy.

Kudos and Gems

When you do activities connected to Learning Quests and Bootcamps, you will get Kudos for your work. Kudos help you hatch your dragon and can be fed to them to keep them happy. You can also earn XP and Gems to collect and keep for yourself.

Learning Quests

Learning Quests = your individual learning path to boost your math skills. Do math, get Kudos, and keep your dragon happy. When you pick a concept to study, you’ll get access to activities connected to this Learning Quest.

The more math you do, the more Kudos you will get in return, and the happier your dragon will be.

Bootcamps, Boss Battles, and Math Essentials

Bootcamps are the fast track to boosting your math skills. Our short videos describe one topic at a time – making it easy to follow. Understand the topic by doing activities while collecting XP and Gems.

When you finish all the activities, you have to face the Boss to test your skills. But be careful! One wrong answer in a Boss Battle means that you’ll have to start the battle all over again.

In Math Essentials, you’ll find pen-and-paper exercises for the most general topics. Some of which are very demanding.

Student Panel

Student panel is where you can go to receive math help thanks to Tutor on Demand. 92% of our students that use Tutor on Demand get better grades. With Tutor-on-Demand, you receive an education plan that’s 100% customized to you. Explore the different tutoring options we provide. We’re here to suit your needs and help you work towards your goals.

Badges and My Collection

When you finish a Bootcamp, you’ll earn a Trophy! But some Trophies need several pieces to put it together. These pieces are called Badges.

My collection is where you find all your rewards and Trophies from Bootcamps, Math Essentials, and Competitions.

Math Vault

If you click on the Math Vault, you’re sent to three different elevators. These three elevators are Geometry, Numbers, Quantities, and Statistics. If you click on one of them, you’re sent into the elevator and asked to choose what floor you would like to visit.

When you pick one of the floors, there will be several chests. Choose a chest to start the game. The Math Vault is for our youngest audience. However, there may be things there for everyone to learn. Your dragon cheers you on as you collect XP and gems.

Math Essentials
In Math Essentials, you’ll find pen-and-paper exercises for the most general topics. Some of which are very demanding.


There are two games available – these are Stack’n Load and Multiplication Master. In Stack’n Load, you operate a crane and stack different crates in the right order to be able to pick up the crate that must be loaded on your boat. After completing the first levels, you can travel with your boat to different islands that focus on different math concepts.

Multiplication Master is a collection of different games to test your skills. You’ll not only play the different games to improve your skills, but you can practice all the mistakes you make in these games! Just go to the Multiplication Master Lounge and click on the Workout bag.