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An Important Trick

Mathematics is full of little tricks that make calculations and problem solving easier for us. A very important trick when working with fractions is that all integers can be written as fractions by dividing the integer by 1. You already know that a number divided by 1 is the number itself.


The Trick

Any number a becomes a fraction when you divide it by 1.

a = a 1

Example 1

Here are three examples of integers written as fractions by setting the number itself in the numerator and 1 in the denominator:

25 = 25 1 , 3 = 3 1, 7 = 7 1

25 = 25 1 ,3 = 3 1, 7 = 7 1

Note! A fraction is reduced when the numerator and denominator no longer have any common factors (factor 1 does not apply in this context).

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