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Activities 6


You need to take a cab, and you can choose between two taxi companies. City Taxi has a price of $4 per mile, while Taxi King has a “flag drop” (initial charge) of $20, plus $0.50 per mile. Your trip is 10 miles. Which company should you choose?


Haley is taking 13 friends on a trip. The price of the trip is a fixed amount, so the more people who join, the cheaper the trip will be, per person. Everyone pays the same amount. The friends end up paying $30 each.

a) How much did the trip cost?

For the next year, they are planning the same trip, but Haley has found even more friends who want to join. This time, they’ll only pay $20 each.

b) How many friends will join the trip the next year?

You can find the solutions here.

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