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Activities 4

You can select which method you would like to use to solve the following activities. Avoid using a calculator—use pencil, paper, and mental arithmetic instead.


A pair of shoes now costs $60. This new price is 75 % of the old price. Find the old price.


A jacket now costs $40. This new price is 80 % of what it cost before it went on sale. Find the old price.


A hat now costs $60, but it used to cost $100.

Find the discount in dollars.
Calculate what percentage the hat is discounted by.


A coat that used to cost $50 now costs $30. You can make a sketch of this to help you out.

What percentage of the old price is the new price?
What is the discount in dollars?
What percentage is the coat discounted by?


A shirt that used to cost $75 is now only $60. Calculate what percentage the shirt has been discounted by. Estimate the answer to check whether your answer is reasonable.


A sweater now costs $25. It used to cost $50. What percentage has the sweater been discounted by?


A dress had an initial price of $50. A label on the dress says “discounted by 50 % of 50 %”.

Find the current price of the dress.
Find out how many percent the dress is discounted by relative to its initial price.


A jacket used to cost $40. It has a yellow label saying that it’s discounted by 30 % of its original price. The jacket is then further discounted by 50 % of the new price as indicated by an additional red label.

Find the current price of the jacket.
Find out what percentage the the jacket has been discounted by, relative to its original price.

Hint: It could be a good idea to find out what the yellow label tells you the jacket costs first, before adding the additional discount from the red label.

You can find the solutions here.

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