How to Find Inflection Points in GeoGebra

You can use GeoGebra to find the inflection points of a function, and the tangent at a given inflection point:

GeoGebra Instruction 1

Open Algebra View and Graphics View under GeoGebra icon View in GeoGebra icon Menu.
Input your function into Algebra View and press Enter.
Type the command InflectionPoint(<Polynomial>) in Algebra View. For <Polynomial>, enter the name of your function, then press Enter. The coordinates of the inflection points will appear in Algebra View.
Click Tangents GeoGebra icon , then the inflection point and the graph. You’ll get a tangent at the inflection point. The equation of the tangent can be found in Algebra View.

Note! GeoGebra will only find the inflection points of polynomial functions.

Screenshot of GeoGebra showing the tangent to a graph at an inflection point

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