How to Find the Derivative of a Function in GeoGebra

You can use GeoGebra to find the derivative of a function:

GeoGebra Instruction 1

Differentiation in CAS

Open CAS under GeoGebra icon View in GeoGebra icon Menu.
Enter the function in CAS and click the Derivative GeoGebra icon tool.

Screenshot of GeoGebra showing CAS being used to find the function’s derivative

GeoGebra Instruction 2

Differentiation in Algebra View

In GeoGebra, there are several commands available for differentiation in Algebra View. You can use Derivative(<Expression>) and Derivative(<Expression>, <Variable>, <Number>).

  • Derivative<Expression>) is used to differentiate a function normally.

  • Derivative(<Expression>, <Variable>, <Number>)) is used to differentiate a multivariate function, and/or differentiate a function multiple times. For instance, if you want to differentiate a function three times with respect to x2, you type Derivative(<Expression>, x_2, 3).

Screenshot of GeoGebra showing the graphs of a function and its first and second derivatives

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