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How to Find Circumcircle and Circumcenter with GeoGebra

You can use GeoGebra to find circumcircle and circumcenter of a triangle:

GeoGebra Instruction 1

Open Algebra View and Graphics View under GeoGebra icon View in GeoGebra icon Menu.
Make a triangle with the vertices A, B and C by clicking Polygon GeoGebra icon. Then you need to click on three positions in Graphics View where you want the vertices of the triangle to be. Finally, complete the triangle by clicking on the point that you started with.
Click on Perpendicular Bisector GeoGebra icon by first clicking tool number 4, then tool number 3 in the drop-down list.
Construct the perpendicular bisector of AB, the perpendicular bisector of BC and the perpendicular bisector of AC by clicking on the sides of ABC.
Click Intersect GeoGebra icon by first clicking tool number 4, then tool number 4 in the drop-down list, and use it to find the point of intersection D of two perpendicular bisectors. The point D is the circumcenter.
Click Circle with Center through Point GeoGebra icon to construct a circle with the circumcenter as the center, and one of the vertices of the triangle as the point. You will see that the circle actually touches all vertices even though you just clicked one corner. You’ve drawn the circumcircle!

Screenshot of GeoGebra a triangle with its circumcircle and circumcenter

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