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How to Solve Trigonometric Equations in GeoGebra

Here’s how you use GeoGebra to solve a trigonometric equation. GeoGebra has these trigonometric functions:

  • sin(x) (sine)

  • asin(x) (the inverse function of sine)

  • cos(x) (cosine)

  • acos(x) (the inverse function of cosine)

  • tan(x) (tangent)

  • atan(x) (the inverse function of tangent)

GeoGebra Instruction 1

Open CAS under GeoGebra icon View in GeoGebra icon Menu.
Type the equation. If you click Solve GeoGebra icon you get the exact answer. If there is no exact answer, GeoGebra will not calculate it. In that case, click on the answer you got and press Numeric Evaluation GeoGebra icon to get the answer as a decimal number.

Note! CAS uses k1 as the name for the arbitrary integer in the solution of a trigonometric equations. In textbooks n and k are also used.

Screenshot of GeoGebra showing the solutions to a trigonometric equation

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