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Exam Nerves

A nervous boy

If you easily get more than comfortably nervous on exams or before tests, there are some tricks you can learn to keep your nerves under control. First and foremost, make sure to be on top of the things you actually should and can control, like giving yourself plenty of time on the day of the exam or test, and having the right equipment. You can read more about this under The Day of the Exam

When you sit down for your actual exam, it is smart to be aware of how you feel about the whole exam. 

Bear in mind that this is actually a great opportunity for you to perform well and really show what you know and can do. Focus on showing what you know, rather than on what you are more uncertain of. If you have been working steadily with the subject, you are guaranteed to have learned a lot. The exam is a great opportunity to show what you know and to perform well!

Take a deep breath several times including your belly, not only your chest. This provides your body with plenty of oxygen, helps you lower your pulse and to be in control of your body. 

If you sit at the exam, feeling scared and feeling that you don’t know anything, it can be smart to start with the things you know. This can be a warm-up and build your self-confidence and belief that you can really master this!

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