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Priorities at the Exam

A notepad showing a numbered list

When you arrive at the exam and the exam set is handed out, read all the exam questions carefully and make sure you read all the pages of the exam. Then ask yourself: What are they really asking for? It’s easy to get very eager and start answering before you have really understood the exam questions. Make sure you are actually answering the questions.

If you feel you can solve all the all the questions of the exam set, spend a few minutes making a schedule/timetable and estimate how much time you have on each question. Make sure to stick to your schedule/timetable in order to answer all questions. 

If you see that several of the exam questions look difficult, you should start with the ones you think you will be struggling with. Do as much as you can until you get stuck. Then move on to the next problem. When you have done everything you possibly can on the difficult exam questions, move onto the ones you feel more comfortable with. When you have finished all of those, you can go back to the difficult ones. We often remember things better the second time around – after getting some distance from them.

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