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Help, I’m Having an Oral Exam!

Stressed and uncertain teenage girl is having an oral exam

Are you having an oral exam? You may feel nervous, both the first and second time and even the third time. House of Math has gathered some useful tips that can help you prepare.

Create mind maps

The curriculum can seem overwhelming, and you need to know the whole thing for an exam! Suddenly, you are being tested on everything you have learned during the year. All this in one day! When you start cramming, you should think about which study technique to use. The answer is a mind map. A mind map is a perfect tool to get a full overview of the curriculum. If you are wondering how to use and make a mind map, House of Math has created an easy-to-follow recipe. Create one mind map per chapter and build each mind map with branches that contain relevant information. Try to keep the keywords as short as possible but remember that you are supposed to understand them afterwards. Feel free to use pens in different colors to differentiate between separate subtopics or other important information.

Going through the whole book this way can be challenging, remember to take breaks! Please be aware that you should differentiate between the things that are important and the things that are not relevant. Take a glance at the less relevant paragraphs or those that you master to a full extent. Focusing on adding a few keywords to your mind map is the crucial goal.

Discuss the Curriculum

Oral exams are mainly about explaining and reflecting around a subject. Answering and elaborating questions at a fast pace is therefore important. Hence why practicing in advance is of great use. First, you need to find a conversation partner. This person could be your mom, dad, uncle, friend. You can also use a tutor!

Utilize the mind maps and practice by speaking to your partner about different themes. Tell your partner to ask questions from the book. When doing this, elaborating is the key to success. Practice by mentioning other topics along the way to avoid unnecessary breaks. The main thing in an oral exam is to show your spectrum of knowledge. When answering a question, try to follow up with other themes that relate to the one you spoke about. Gradually put the mind maps away when answering questions.

Don't Be Scared to Ask for Help

There are countless webpages and videos on the internet. Speaking with classmates or others that could help is a smart move. We at House of Math are at your disposal. With Tutor on Demand, you can ask questions in the chat, book a mentor or video chat with a mentor at this very moment.

On the Exam Day

Several subjects operate by giving you the theme a few minutes before the examination. Utilize the mind maps! Create a list of keywords as disposition. Elaborate, and speak in detail during the presentation. Last but not least, you’ve got this!

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