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How to Do Perspective Drawing with Two Vanishing Points

When drawing with perspective, you attempt to create a realistic image of reality. In this entry you’ll find instructions on how to draw perspective drawings when you have two vanishing points from different perspectives.

To draw a perspective drawing you need a horizon line, help lines and vanishing points. The horizon line is always a level line in eye height. Help lines are lines that help you find the points you need to make the drawing. These are erased when the drawing is finished. Lines that are parallel in real life will be oblique and meet in a point in a perspective drawing. This point we call the vanishing point. There can be several vanishing points in the same drawing.

You can decide the perspective of the drawing by placing the motive over, on top of or below the horizon line. When drawing with perspective, it’s important to use three different colors to keep track of all the different kinds of lines.


The Different Points of View

Eye Height View:

The motive is of the same height as the horizon line. You look right at the motive.

Bird’s Eye View:

The motive is below the horizon line. You look down at the motive.

Worm’s Eye View:

The motive is above the horizon line. You look up at the motive.

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