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What Are the Lines of Symmetry in a Circle?

A circle is a shape without edges or corners. Remember that circles are completely round, unlike ellipses, which are wider in one direction than another.

Round circle

Now you are going to learn how the circle looks when we create a mirror image over different symmetry lines.

First you’re going to look at what happens when you mirror image a circle over a symmetry line that is outside of the circle. The drawing below shows a mirror image of a circle. It is identical, and it’s placed the same distance from the line, but on the opposite side.

Mirror image of a circle over a symmetry line

The math master looking at her reflection in a circular mirror

Think About This

Now try to draw symmetry lines that lie on a circle. How many can you draw?

Circle with symmetry lines

As you may have noticed, you can draw an infinite number of symmetry lines on one simple circle!

All the symmetry lines meet each other at one point. This point is called the center.

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