The Times Tables

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The times tables (below) are a collection of 100 multiplications. It might sound a bit much, but as you get familiar with it, you’ll see that the times tables are one of the most important tools in mathematics.

Take a closer look at the times tables. Can you see that all the answers that are not on the diagonal (the line across from 1 to 100) show up twice? This is because the order of the factors does not matter:

Both 3 × 4 = 12 and 4 × 3 = 12.

The times tables highlighting 8*10=80

You learn the times tables in steps. Those steps are:

Memorizing the times tables by heart, or learning to sing them.
Knowing the answers to the different multiplications even when they are not in order.
Knowing all the multiplications that give the same answers.

Step 1

Memorizing the times tables by heart is best done by reading out all the answers like this:

The times tables, each table having a different color

Step 2

When you’re confident that you can remember all the answers in the times tables, it’s important to work on remembering which factors make up each answer as well. To work on this, you can play the multiplication game on this web page.

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