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How to Find Distance if You Have Velocity and Time

Think About This

The HOUSE Rule

Think of a house with a desk d in the attic, and a sofa s and a table t in the living room. Hold your finger over the thing you want to find, for example the time t. Then there is a d above an s, giving you that t = d s .

A house that illustrates the relationship between distance, time and velocity

A house that illustrates the relationship between distance, speed and time. Another word for speed is velocity.


Distance, Speed, Time the HOUSE Rule

d = s tt = d ss = d t


Units of Distance, Speed and Time

Distance: meters m or kilometers km,

Time: seconds s or hours h

Then the units of speed are: km/h = kilometer per hour m/s = meters per second

Converting from m/s to km/h and Vice Versa

km/h = m/s 3.6 m/s = km/h ÷ 3.6

km/h = m/s 3.6m/s = km/h : 3.6

Remember that the distance is how far you have moved.

Example 1

A car is driving at a speed of 80km/h. How long does it take to drive 470km?

t = d s = 470km 80km/h = 5.875h

Then you need to convert the decimals to find the minutes and seconds.

From the answer you can see that it takes 5 full hours. To find the number of minutes, multiply the decimal by 60. That gives you

0.875 60 = 52.5

Next, you find the number of seconds:

0.5 60 = 30

This means it takes 5 hours, 52 minutes and 30 seconds to drive 470 km at 80 km/h.

Example 2

A plane is flying at a speed of 250m/s. How far will it fly in 3 hours?

250m/s 3.6 = 900km/h d = s t = 900km/h 3h = 2700km The plane will fly 2700 km in 3 hours.

Example 3

In 2009, Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. How fast did he run on average? Give the answer in both m/s and km/h.

s = d t = 100m 9.58s 10.44m/s = (10.44 3.6)km/h 37.58km/h He ran at an average speed of 10.44 m/s, which is pretty close to 37.58 km/h!

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