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Constructing a Parallel through a Point in GeoGebra

You can use GeoGebra to construct a parallel through a point. If you want to construct a parallel without a specified point, follow the instructions here.

GeoGebra Instruction 1

Construct a Parallel Through a Point

Open Algebra View and Graphics View under GeoGebra icon View in GeoGebra icon Menu.
Draw a point and a line so that they don’t intersect. If you are given a specific point and line, draw them instead.
Select the tool Parallel line GeoGebra icon, which you can find by first clicking the fourth tool (Line GeoGebra icon), and then the second tool in the list.
Click the point and the line, the order doesn’t matter. GeoGebra will draw the parallel for you.

Screenshot of GeoGebra showing a constructed parallel through a point

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