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Stress Less!

Our Stress-Less Math Guide

Let’s face it, math can be emotional. It can be stressful studying for a test or frustrating when you’re struggling to understand homework. There are ways to manage these anxious thoughts while keeping your study habits effective and focused.

Active and Diffuse Modes

How do these modes help with learning?

You have to find a balance between these types of learning. While actively studying specific concepts can help increase your understanding of certain things, taking a brain break helps immensely when you’re stuck on a topic or a problem.

What is active mode?

Active learning is the act of, well, learning! This is the time where you gather new information, narrow in on the details, go in-depth on a topic, take notes, highlight text, practice concepts, and read new info.

What is diffuse mode?

Think of diffuse mode as a dimly lit atmosphere that allows you to see more of the full picture.

Diffuse activities might include letting your mind wander, going for a walk to clear your head, and sleeping. It´s not all hard work (although that helps), but it´s also about giving your brain an opportunity to digest all the new knowledge. You need breaks!

Study Tips

Sometimes we get stuck in a studying rut, and that’s ok. But we’re here to help you break out of the boring study box that you’ve been stuck in and share some of our favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of your study time.


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Connect your learning to what you enjoy

Don’t relegate math to just math class! Math impacts all aspects of our lives, and that means that you can relate it to just about anything you enjoy.

Sports require you to understand statistics, painting and drawing require you to understand measurements and proportions, and cooking and baking need you to follow specific measurements so that your tasty treats are in fact tasty.

There is math all around us! You just need to connect it to what you love to help you understand different concepts.

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