Drawing Eye Level Perspective with One Vanishing Point

Here, you will learn how to draw perspective drawing with one vanishing point in eye level. The eye level perspective allows you to look at the objects in the drawing from about the same height as you are in the real world. Below, you’ll see some illustrations of the steps you need to take to draw like this.

It’s smart to pull out a piece of paper and try for yourself as you follow these instructions. Use different colors if you have them. Once you’ve succeeded, try to do it again without the help of this guide.


How to Draw in Eye Level Perspective

Draw a horizon line through the middle of your paper.
Draw a vanishing point on this horizon line. You draw it as a dot somewhere on the line.
Draw a rectangle in the middle of the horizon line.
Draw straight lines from the corners of the rectangle to the vanishing point.
Draw another rectangle inside the first rectangle you drew. The second rectangle needs to be smaller than the first one, and the corners need to touch the straight lines you drew from the corners of the big rectangle.
To embolden the appearance of the box you’ve drawn, you thicken the lines of the box. The line segments you want to thicken are those that go between the corner of the two rectangles and those that go between the corners in the same rectangles.

Steps 1, 2 and 3:

Drawing of eye level perspective 1

Step 4:

Drawing of eye level perspective 2

Step 5:

Drawing of eye level perspective 3

Step 6:

Drawing of eye level perspective 4

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