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How to Multiply by 10

When you multiply a number by 10, there’s a super easy trick you can use!


When you multiply a number by 10, move the point in the number one place to the right.


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There’s a special case you may come across: If the number you’re multiplying by 10 isn’t a decimal number. In that case, there is always an invisible point behind the last digit. By moving the point one place to the right, you get a free place. You can fill this place with the digit 0.

4 times 10 equals 40 shown as a leap on the number line

The trick of moving the decimal point when multiplying by 10, is similar to a trick you can use when dividing by 10.

Example 1

Multiplying By 10

61 10 = 610
763.4 10 = 7634
20 10 = 200
0.4 10 = 4
65 10 = 650
36.98 10 = 369.8
71 10 = 710
0.04 10 = 0.4

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