What Is Digital and Analog Clock?

The clock is incredibly important to master. To be able to do everything you want to in a day, it is important to watch the time closely. There are two types of clocks; digital clocks and analog clocks. Here you will learn about both of them.

Digital Clock

The digital clock is probably the one you see more often: on your phone, the computer, or the cooker in the kitchen. A digital watch consists of two pairs of digits separated by a dot or a colon, as in the picture below. The two first digits show hours, and the last two digits show how many minutes you are into that exact hour. The two last digits go from 00 to 59 and cover the 60 minutes in each hour.

On a digital clock, there are two ways of displaying the hours of the day. One day is 24 hours.

Some digital clocks go from 01 to 12 in their first two digits. These clocks have split the day into two halves of 12 hours each. To specify whether it’s one o’clock in the day or the night, the clock would show 01 : 00 AM for nighttime and 01 : 00 PM for daytime. When the clock has gone through two loops of 12 hours, one day has passed. Then, the clock will begin at 12 : 00 AM again, and a new day begins.

Other digital clocks display hours in their two first digits by going from 00 to 23, where 00 : 00 is midnight and 12 : 00 is noon. Occasionally, people might refer to 24 : 00 when talking about the end of a day.

Two digital clocks showing 12AM and 4:20PM

Analog Clock

Above, you learned about the digital clock. Now you are going to learn about the analog clock. The analog clock is often seen on the wall of classrooms. The analog clock has hands to tell the time. In the picture below, you can see that the analog clock consists of a dial where the numbers from 1 up to and including 12 are placed evenly along the rim of the dial. The number 12 is on top of the dial, and the number 6 is at the bottom. The number 3 is furthest to the right, and the number 9 is furthest to the left.

As the two hands move around the dial, they point at the different numbers. One of the hands is long, and tells the minutes. This hand is called the minute hand. The minute hand moves 60 times in one hour, because there are 60 minutes in an hour. By moving 60 times, the minute hand moves around the entire dial in one hour. The other hand is short, and shows hours. This hand is called the hour hand. By looking at which number the hands are pointing at, you can see which hour you are in, and how many minutes into that hour you are.

An analog and a digital clock, both showing 10:09

Since there are 24 hours in a day, and the analog clock only shows 12 hours, the hour hand has to move around the dial twice before a whole day has passed.

An analog clock and the math master contemplating the time of day

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