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How to Find Mean of Grouped Data in Excel

Excel Instruction

Finding the Mean of Grouped Data

Make a frequency table in Excel.
Add two new columns: One for the midpoint of each group, and one for the product of the midpoint and the frequency.
Enter the formulas in the two new columns.
Find the sum of the column representing the product of the midpoint and the frequency, and divide this by the sum of the frequency.

Now you have found the mean!

Example 1

A group of skaters are distributed into different weight classes. Here’s a table showing the classes and the frequency of each class.

Weight Frequency

[115lb 125lb) 7

[125lb 135lb) 8

[135lb 145lb) 12

[145lb 155lb) 9

[155lb 165lb) 6

Find the mean weight of this group.

You can see the frequency table of the weight distribution above. The first thing to do is to enter the numbers in Excel.
Add the columns “Midpoint xm” and “xm f”. The last column is the product of the midpoint and the frequency. Your table should now look like this:

Spreadsheet in Excel presenting frequency table and midpoint column

As you don’t know the exact weight of everyone in the weight class (it could be anywhere between 115 lb-125 lb, 125 lb-135 lb, etc.) you have to assume that the weight of everyone in each weight class is in the exact middle. This would be the average of the numbers 115 and 125 for the first, 125 and 135 for the second, and so on.

Write the following formula in cell B2:


Enter the formula for calculating the mean in the remaining weight classes in the column representing the midpoints.

In the “xm f”-column, write the following formula in cell D2:


Mark cell D2 and copy the formula all the way down to cell D6.

Spreadsheet in Excel showing the formulas used in the calculations

Now find the sum of the numbers in the frequency and “xm f” columns. Write the following in cell C7:


And write the following in cell D7:


Finally, you’ll find the mean by dividing the number in cell D7 by cell C7.

In cell B9, write:


Spreadsheet in Excel presenting frequency table, midpoints and their product

Here are the formulas for each cell:

Spreadsheet in Excel showing formulas for midpoints and product

You can now see that the mean weight for this group is 139.76 lb.

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